Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

The Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training course will you give you the qualifications and knowledge to successfully showcase your skills and expertise in one-to-one personal training sessions, and group personal training sessions.
By achieving these personal training qualifications, you will have the option to either work as a gym group team member, self-employed but still within a gym environment, or on a freelance basis. There are high earning potentials as a fully qualified personal trainer and by completing this course, you will be on the road to a successful and exciting career as a fitness professional.

  • Qualification Structure
  • Course Format
  • What You Will Learn

In order to pass this personal training course, the student must complete all 7 mandatory units listed below. Some of these units will have already been achieved in the Level 2 Fitness Instructor course. The Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training course has a total credit value of 36.

– Unit 1
Know how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity (M/600/9015).

– Unit 2
Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment (T/600/9016).

– Unit 3
Principles of exercise, fitness and health (A/600/9017).

– Unit 4
Anatomy and physiology for exercise and health (A/600/9051).

– Unit 5
Programming personal training with clients (F/600/9052).

– Unit 6
Delivering personal training sessions (J/600/9053).

– Unit 7
Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme (L/600/9054).


To begin this course, you are required to have qualifications and experience as a Level 2 Fitness (Gym) Instructor

The Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training course requires a level of physical application and individual participation. Therefore, a wealthy degree of physical fitness is required to successfully complete this course to achieve your personal training qualifications. This course also requires a level of communication including reading, writing, presenting and discussion groups. Students are required to have a confident level of communication.

We appreciate that each student has different knowledge and learning levels when enrolling onto their course. That’s why regardless of the delivery method you choose, all our learners will be given access to their course content via Active IQ’s online interactive dashboard before attending any workshop or classroom delivery.
The dashboard is equipped with material and resources, but more importantly engaging modules of each unit of the Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training course. The dashboard can also be viewed remotely by your course tutor to offer support as and when necessary. This allows all learners to access their course content enabling them to study at a rate and pace that they are comfortable with before immersing themselves into the practical elements of the course.

Workshops are run regularly throughout the year, although they are not compulsory we offer the following 3 options to encourage your attendance

Option 1
Complete all e-learning modules via home study and then attend a 5 day workshop for theory and practical applications of the course.
Workshops run Monday – Friday. At the end of the workshop you will be ready to sit both your theory and practical assessment.

Option 2
Complete all e-learning modules via home study and then attend a centre for 4 weekends. Weekends are run 1 per month.

Option 3
Blended workshops – complete all e-learning modules via home study, followed by 4 online support meetings with a tutor. 2 days face-face for practical and theory based assessments. This option is ideal for anyone who already has a Health & Fitness background.
This is the ideal course for fitness professionals looking to venture into the next stage of their career and will open a number of doors to exciting opportunities for future experiences, as well as skills and qualifications in other personal training and fitness related courses. The qualifications achieved will provide you with the skills and knowledge to help your clients successfully achieve their health and fitness goals, as well as build a positive brand for yourself.
Throughout the Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training course, you will have full support from the National Academy team. Our courses are run nationwide and we will ensure to enrol you in a centre near you. We offer flexible payment options, bespoke payment plans or you can choose to pay for your course via the 24+ advanced Learner Loan.
For more information about the Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training course, contact the National Academy team today.


✓ Coursework

✓ Portfolio of evidence

✓ Practical demonstration/assignment

✓ Multiple-choice exam

At the end of the course you’ll be able to confidently, plan, deliver and evaluate personal training sessions. Enabling you to work with both individuals and groups of clients.

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